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Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.

Chafer Beetle Damage Facts

Is your lawn damaged by animals (like skunks and birds) digging up the grass? Then, it's very likely that you have a Chafer Beetle problem in your lawn.


 Chafer Beetle causes lawn damage in two different ways.

  • Grubs feed on root system of turf grass.
  • Animals dig the turf grass to feed on grubs.



The best way to prevent the Chafer Beetle damage is keeping the lawn thick and healthy. If the soil is completely covered by the turf grass, there will be less number of eggs reaching and hatching in the soil.


The Best time for Beetle Treatment (Nematodes) is Mid-July ~ Early August.


The application of Nematodes is 100% organic and very effective in controlling Chafer Beetle. This treatment is also Pet/Child friendly; thus, you don't have to worry about health issue related to this treatment.

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