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Lawn Lime Application Facts

Lawn Lime is typically used to adjust the acidity (pH) of your soil.


You may have heard that lawn lime is safe to use and can be added to the soil as much as you want to. In fact, some lawn care companies sell full-season packages including 2 lime applications and recommend the packages to their clients for consecutive years. This is not a proper way to maintain your lawn.


It's true that lime (excluding hydrated lime or burned lime) does not usually harm your lawn in the short term. However, if you keep adding lime every 6 months for several years, you may end up with the alkaline soil (>pH7). Like in the acidic soil, grass does not do well in the alkaline soil.


It's also important to remember that it takes at least several months for your lime to adjust the pH of soil. Once you add some lime to your lawn, you need to be patient to see the result.


For this reason, Green Minded Lawn Care does not recommend repeated lime applications to the clients. We only recommend lime application when our client really needs it.




Another fact about limes is...


  • Lime should NEVER be applied at the same time as synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, unless both are immediately incorporated into the soil. Otherwise, lime causes a chemical reaction which causes nitrogen (one of macro-nutrients from your fertilizer) to be lost into the air!





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