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Power Rake (De-thatcher) Facts

Thatch is a tightly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, leaves and roots which accumulates between the layer of actively-growing grass and the soil underneath.


Excessive thatch creates a barrier that prevents the movement of water, air and fertilizers into the soil; thus, Power-rake is sometimes necessary for some lawn suffering from thick layer of thatch (more than 1/2 inch).


However, Power-raking should NOT be done on regular basis for the following reasons.


  • Power-raking removes beneficial thatch (less than 1/2 inch) from your lawn. In fact, a thin layer of thatch is desirable because it increases wear tolerance of lawn.
  • Power-raking is highly injurious to the turf.
  • Power-raking "mossy lawn" may worsen the problem because it will spread the spores of moss to the entire lawn. (none of moss-killing  products kills the spores!)



Instead of using power-rake service annually or bi-annually, it's always better to prevent building excessive thatch by

  • Topdressing the lawn once a year with compost
  • Using less amount synthetic fertilizer
  • Proper irrigation
  • Core-Aeration


 Another common mistake is power-raking immediately after core-aerating. This practice will break the plugs and backfill the holes with the same soil. Consequently, the benefits of core-aeration is greatly reduced.


Every year, Green Minded Lawn Care helps a lot of homeowners to improve their lawns. If you are looking for the power-rake service, please visit our service page for more information. Our reasonable rate starts as low as $109 including clean-ups.

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