Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.
Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.

We are Green Minded Lawn Care Contractor in Vancouver

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Do you have any landscaping or gardening project? At Green Minded Lawn Care, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From consultation to maintenance, we will gladly take care of your concerns. We are Green Minded Landscape Service. Are you looking for cheap lawn care? or cheap lawn maintenance, hedge, grass cut?

Our service covers lawn establishment, lawn improvement, lawn maintenance, hedge trimming and pruning. For the detailed explanation, please check below. We



Grass Cutting

Do you regularly inspect and maintain your lawn equipment? Do you adjust cutting frequency and height from time to time?

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Core Aeration vancouver

In Vancouver, soil compaction is a chronic problem because of leaching over the rainy season. sign up for core aeration vancouver ,  tree vancouver

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Power Rake (De-thatch)

Build-up of thatch is another chronic problem with turf and associated with conditions allowing the accumulation of dead organic material to exceed the rate that microbes in the soil can decompose it. contact us for grass cut in vancouver.

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Weed / Moss Control weed removal in vancouver

Do you have weed/moss problems in your lawn? We can help!

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Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer application is important to overall grass health and helps grass outcompete weeds.

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Dolomite Lime Application

If your lawn doesn't do well, acidic soil could be a culprit.

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Top Dressing and Seeding

It’s difficult to make changes to the soil once grass has been established. Top-Dressing won't hurt grass but will greatly improve the quality of soil.

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Other Service such as hedge trim vancouver , hedge trimming vancouver

We also offer Hedge trimming, and Spring/Fall-cleanup.


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