Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.
Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.

Core-Aeration is an essential lawn maintenance service in Vancouver!


Over time, soil becomes compacted due to soil's own weight, traffic, synthetic fertilizer application and leaching. In Vancouver, soil compaction is a chronic problem because of leaching over the rainy season.


Compacted soil restricts water/air/nutrient supply from the surface of soil to the root system; thus, grass gets weakened and becomes vulnerable to any types of stress like diseases. One of the best solutions is core-aeration. 


In order to attain the best result, core aeration has to be performed in early spring or fall, so grass has a plenty of time to recover before summer drought or cold winter.


A typical core-aerating machine weighs around 300lb and you can rent it from local equipment shop.


Does it sound like too much work for yourself? Please don't be worried. Green Minded Lawn Care owns industrial grade core-aerator and will do everything only at $120!* We are going to aerate in at least three different directions (triple aeration) to give you the best result!


*: up to 2000 sq ft. 5% GST is included.

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