Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.
Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.

Lime Application may significantly improve the condition of some lawn in Vancouver!

Dolomite Lime Application

If your lawn doesn't do well, acidic soil could be a culprit. Ideal acidity for common grass types such as Fescue, Perennial Rye and Kentucky Bluegrass is between pH6 and pH7 (pH7 is neutral). In Vancouver, soil gradually becomes acidic (lower pH) over time due to several reasons such as leaching (rainy season) and synthetic fertilizer usage. 


Lime applicatin is an effective way to re-adjust the acidity of the soil; however, it's very important to use proper amount/type of lime.


Green Minded Lawn Care uses dolomitc lime which is the safest and the most effective lime.


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