Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.
Yes! We will show up on a scheduled day.

Re-seeding Package - Starting ONLY at $179*

This package is ideal for the established, but partially damaged or thin lawns. This package will make your lawn thicker and greener.


This package includes "Triple aeration", overseeding (10lb), and lime application. 



  • "Thick" Top-dressing (if needed, optional)
    • Adding a lot of nutrient-rich topdressing material which will protect seeds and improve drainage.
  • Leveling (if needed, optional)
    • Leveling the lawn to prevent a future drainage problem.
  • Overseeding (included)
    • Applying locally produced seeds that have high germination rates (these seeds are twice as expensive as typical seeds sold at garden centres)
  • Deep-core aeration (included)
    • Reducing the soil compaction, improving nutrient/water/air flow, and removing thatch from the lawn.
    • "Triple aeration" will be provided.
  • Starter fertilizer (if needed, optional)
    • Adding moderate amount of Nitrogen AND Phosphorus for Shoot/Root development druing Spring/Fall.

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*: Up to 2000 sq ft. However, other factors will also be considered for pricing. Excessively thin lawn will increase the cost as it requires more seeds.




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